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Party organization construction

    Our Party branch was formally established by the higher Party Organization in January1,2011. Fang Xiujun, the general manager of Fangzheng Machinery Group, occupy Party branch secretary,Comrade Shan Ming as Deputy Secretary of the Party branch, comrade Liu Zexing as Publicity Committee . In January 1, 2016 the Party branch committee approved by the members of the general assembly and the election committee by the association of private individual economy, Fang Xiujun continue to serve as our company Party branch secretary, comrade Liu Junzhai as a member of the organization, comrade Sun Xia as a member of the publicity.

    In 2011, our company Party branch take the ninetieth anniversary of the CPC founding as an opportunity ,closely around the "12th Five-Year" open deepening chuangxianzhengyou activities, taking the"Scientific Outlook on Development is the only supervision enterprise development" as the theme, promoting the development of talent, harmony and level as the goal, taking "thought leader, quality leading, leading performance the leading behavior," as the main content, carrying out extensive research project, party commitment jiannuo, showing those service for the people in the party commitment jiannuo, enhancing the party organization and the advanced nature of Party members.Meanwhile, it set off a new upsurge of striving for excellent activities, to provide a strong political power and organization to ensure the realization of business objectives for FangZhengmachinery group.

    In 2016, our company Party branch to commemorate the 95 anniversary of its founding as an opportunity, to focus on “two learning and one doing,to take building the learning Fangzheng and research –based Fangzheng"as the theme, in order to promote the development of talent, widely carry out the party activities, to play the exemplary role of Party members with a head, to take the leading role of Party members to improve the enthusiasm and political consciousness of the masses.

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