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Parts Sales
    We have the perfect after-sale parts supply system,which ensure customer’s requirement of replacement parts at the first time and shorten maintenance time..

In order to make the customers have a clear understanding of the accessories for the maintenance of the machine, the company provides a complete set of manual for the machine. The installation manual provides a complete analysis of the machine and accurately mark the parts of the machine. It  will let the client fully understand the structure of the machine and be very convenient to buy replacement parts for customers.


Client Review

The customer is the premises of the development for the company. We attach great importance to our long-term relationship with our customers. It is crucial for customer's affirmation and trust. So throughout, we serve our clients with ‘one communication’ and ‘two guarantees’. One communication is keeping deep communication with large customers. ‘Two Guarantees’means guarantee service quality and Maximize profits.

After the customer machine started operation, we followed up with customers on a semi-regular basis for understanding the current situation of machine operation, capacity, vulnerability usage and customer's problems to solve problems at the first time and give more technical guidance. We also do some analysis of customer feedback and send to the R&D department for optimal design. We will fully utilize the most advanced technology in production practice to provide customers with more suitable machine products. 

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